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Many people have asked us how we managed to overcome so many challenges in our relationship. So we decided to share our tips and tricks that we do in order to take care of our relationship.

1. Love each other unconditionally

This one sounds pretty obvious but is still forgotten by many. Love each other unconditionally regardless of everything else. Love each other even when you hate each other, because at the end of the day you choose to be with one another. Even when times get rough you know that deep inside you still care for the other one. This is the basis from which the rest will grow.

2. Talk problems out

Having fights is normal in every relationship. However, it is how you handle it what makes the difference. I started looking at fights as a way of sharing our thoughts and being open-minded, trying to understand where your partner is coming from. Always talk your problems out. Honestly, this is something I am still working on. Remember, even though you may disagree, both of you are coming from a place where you want the best for each other. There is no harmful intent in a healthy relationship.

3. Ask for forgiveness

As human beings we all make mistakes, but when this happens, be honest and admit that you were wrong and say a simple “I am sorry”. It’s a matter of working out the problem; nobody wins or loses in a fight.

4. Consider each other’s needs

Everyone has a different love language, by acknowledging this and showing the other person how much they mean to you in their love language is a way of taking care of each other needs.

5. Consider your relationship as a team

The moment I realized we were a team, our relationship reached another level. It's “us against the world” not “me alone”. You work as a team and you make decisions that benefits the team. You together are one entity and make sure that no one comes in between you two.

6. Work on the same goals

Successful couples work on the same goals. They take a moment to think about what their goals are and then they align them after discussing them and work as a team to achieve them. Involvement in each others life Knowing what is happening in your partner’s life is important. A simple “How was your day?” goes a long way. To know what goes well and what things worry them is crucial in understanding what they are currently going through.

7. Ask questions and show interest

You are constantly growing as a person, so it’s important to grow with your partner, not alongside them. Support Support your partner in their personal goal and dreams. The support doesn't always need to be buying something or doing something, but emotional support can already go a long way. Be the person they know they can count on when things are good but also bad. Be the person that shows them what they can be if they want to, instead of someone who bashes your dreams and desires.

8. Willing to compromise

It is impossible to find someone who is and thinks exactly like you. Honestly, we don't think that it exists and that is fine! (even identical twins will show differences in character over the span of their lives!) Realizing this brings us to this next point because you are not the same person there will be moments where you don't agree. However, being willing to compromise with your partner in these cases is what will make the difference. Agree to disagree is key, but always respect each other’s point of view and find a solution that works for both of you.

9. Trust

Last but not least and possibly the most logical one. One of the main pillars of a relationship is trust. Every single couple will be tested on their trust at a point in their relationship. For us this was in the beginning when we were long distance. Learn to trust your partner can be scary, but is necessary. And I mean really trust them. If you don’t trust your partner, you are setting yourself up for a disappointing journey. In Dutch we’ve got a saying which translates as: “One suffers most from the suffering that they fear.” In this case, if you are distrustful of your partner you will fill your head with surrealistic scenarios that will only make you fear things like cheating even more or could cause you to make some stupid decisions. A.K.A a very unhealthy situation. Trust is a must.

These tips will make your relationship so much stronger and successful.

Did we forget anything? Feel free to make more recommendations in the comment section!


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