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We are an interracial couple in our twenties who survived two years of long distance and moved to Canada without any family.
If that doesn't crazy what will..

We are Chery and Nathan...

Where it all started!

We met in 2012 when Nathan moved with his parents and sister to Curaçao. Chery became best friends with Nathan his sister in university while doing her degree. It took us time before getting close and knowing each other.


We started spending more time together in 2014, a couple of months before Nathan finished high school. After he finished high school he had everything ready to move back to the Netherlands.  

First couple of month the communication was slow considering that we both didn't know how to handle the distance and we were both confused about the whole thing. After a while the communication picked up. We both realized that we had a strong connection and the feelings were growing.

Nathan came back in December to spend the holidays with his family on Curaçao. This was the moment where we realised that the feeling was still there after more than 6 months without seeing each other. We agreed to make it official on December 30, 2014.

We did exactly 2 years and 3 months of long distance relationship. While Nathan being in The Netherlands and Chery on Curaçao; 7.845,36 km and a 9,5 hour flight. Considering that we were both students at the time, we tried to visit every 6 months. We had about five visits in total in those 2 years, of length between 2 weeks and 2 months.


We officially closed the distance on March 4, 2017 when we moved to Canada.

"The one where we got ENGAGED..."

We got engaged on Curaçao on March 7, 2018 while on vacation. It was a clear night at the beach after a romantic dinner. With the light of the moon and the sound of the waves crashing in the background Nathan finally proposed. We have not decided on any date yet, we are currently enjoying this phase and brainstorming what we further want in life.

Being able to share our journey and everything we have been trough is a true blessing.

We want to share all our knowledge with you, our family. 

We believe that sharing knowledge is so powerfull annd we hope we can have a positive impact in your life!


Supporting other couples
Our lives now

We are probably on our couch and talking about life while enjoying some delicious food and binge watching something on Netflix...

Thinking about that we probably should begin planning our wedding!


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