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It’s normal to feel down when you are away from your partner. People in long distance relationship live like this constantly every day. Depression is common while being in an ldr along with feelings of anger, sadness and anxiety.

A lot of people don’t understand what it is to be in a long distance relationship because they have never experienced one. You will also find many that will try to discourage you when you tell them that you are in one. These are the people you generally want to avoid. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Instead, find a crowd that supports your journey and helps you when times get tough.

Feeling down is okay!

Again, it is perfectly normal to feel down and completely understandable. Even the strongest person has days where they are feeling under the weather. However, swallowing all your emotions is probably not the best thing to do in such a situation. Your mind will only exacerbate your current mood. You need a way to deal with these situations in a healthy manner.

Find a support system

Family and friends can be very helpful at that. A proper support system allows you to take your mind off your problems and spend time outside your current situation. Look for someone who you can trust and you might be able to talk to as well. Everyone should try to have that one person they can go to when they don’t feel so well. This is different from talking with your partner, as these people are there in person, which goes a long way. This does not mean that talking with your partner isn’t helpful.

Talk to your partner

Talking to your partner about how you are feeling is aside from helpful, very essential. Who is going to understand you better than someone who is in it with you? It is important to be aware of how your partner is feeling, especially if it holds on for a prolonged period of time, like depression usually does. They might very well be able to talk you into a better mood because they know and feel exactly what you mean. It is efficient and creates a deeper bond between you two. This way you can help each other get through those difficult moments. Planning together with your partner is also an excellent way to give your mood a boost.

Put that energy in something positive

Use your energy to plan your next trip for example. Maybe there is no day planned or no money yet but just grab a piece of paper and write everything you want to do together. Look online for attractions you can do together as a couple. This way you change a negative feeling into something positive that you will be able to use later for when the visit actually happens. Planning future visits, activities or achievements is a great way to keep your mind sharp and focused on your goal, which will give a great energy boost!

Unfortunately, there will be moments where you are feeling down and your partner is unavailable to comfort you. Yet, you want to feel close to them, so instead you could make something for them! Creating a hand made gift will make you feel closer to them as you will be thinking about them, but in a different way. You are excited about finishing and being able to give it to them. It does not have to be grand; something small and simple can be very romantic as long as you have put thought into it, like a drawing, a song that you wrote, a poem or anything else that you would like to do for them. They will most definitely appreciate the gesture and probably be happy that you found a way to cope with the sadness while they could not be there.

Take care of yourself

If being crafty is not your forte however, you can always do anything else as long as it gives you pleasure or relaxation, something that makes you feel good. This can be listening to music, reading a book, dancing, playing games or going to the beach. Anything that makes you feel calm or grounded with yourself. Bonus points for physical activities as research has shown that it stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feel happier, more relaxed and less anxious. So go for a good run to get that anxiety out of your system!

Finally, you could try to make a list about all the positive things that you have going on in your life. This is a way of being grateful. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed to such a point that we can’t see what’s going well in our life. That’s when you have got to stop, sit down, and make a list like this so that every time you feel the world coming down you can take a look at it and see that it isn’t so bad.

If you still feel like it’s too much for you, you can always look for more serious help. Or you can send us a DM or e-mail and we might be able to lift your spirit. Life can be overwhelming and asking for help means being strong.

With love,


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