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Being in a long distance relationship is hard on itself. But besides this people in long distance relationships need to endure the most annoying comments and questions from the world. During many conversations both in person and on our Instagram we noticed some questions are reoccurring with many different people. These are questions and comments we most often encountered that long distance couples are just tired of hearing and how to answer them.

Is it a real relationship?

Yes, I am in a relationship, and yes it's real just like yours. We love each other, we talk, we have fights just like you do. Maybe we don't see each other as often as you do but when we do we make sure to make the most of the time.

Are you sure he/she is not cheating?

Yes, I am sure I am not being cheated on. Because we trust, love and respect each other. But like in all other relationships, you just expect the other person to be loyal and not cheat. Are you sure your significant other is not cheating on you even though you're in the same place? Can you honestly say you would be able to really trust him/her when at a distance like we are? And yes I do trust my partner, that's the main reason why I am in a relationship with this person. Because I have trust in him/her, but like real trust regardless the distance.

Aww, it must be really hard!

No it is the most pleasant thing I've done since ever. Of course it's hard to be separated but the love that we have for each other is bigger than that. So we are convinced to do this because we know we want to be together and that we will get there.

OMG I haven't seen my boyfriend/girlfriend in a week.

You don't say, I haven't seen mine in months so don't complain. At least you know you will see him/her in a couple of weeks.

Do you really like him/her so much to do it?

Regardless of “liking”, I love this person. I love who he/she is and yes, I really think it's worth the wait until the perfect time to be together. I'd rather wait to be with the one person I truly love than to settle for someone less who is easy to access.

Don't you have needs?

Everybody has needs but as a human being we know how to control ourselves. Besides that a relationship is not just about sex. Feeling connected with someone is possible without sex. After all you love the person for whom they are and not only for the sex. The distance actually allows us to see what connection we have outside of the bedroom. It shows us we have a relationship that isn't solely based on physical attraction, but goes way beyond that.

And our needs? Don't you worry, those will be met with fireworks when we're finally together again.

With love,


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