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Valentine's day is a day full with love, gifts and a happy feeling for couples, but for long distance couples this can be a really hard day considering that you are apart from your loved one. But whoever you are apart of each other fortunately there are still things you guys can do to celebrate this universal love day!

Here are a couple of ideas to celebrate Valentine's day from a distance:

A simple 'I love you'

What can make Valentine's day more special than remembering your loved one how special they are by telling them how much you love them. Don't take this for granted! An "I love you" can change someone's day completely.

Skype date

Skype dates are a thing! Plan a moment on this special day where you both have the time to have a skype date. You can cook a meal together on skype while talking about the good things in your relationship. Then you can have a nice meal together accompanied with candlelight. You can also watch a movie or your favorite show together while chilling in bed.

Send each other a gift.

There are some websites online where you can send flowers to your loved one abroad, while you pay online and get it delivered to their front door. You can do a "Do It Yourself" if you want to spend some more and personal time on the present. It will be something from the heart and you will make the other person feel extra special. You can also plan a couple of gifts in advance. This way you can make sure it arrives on time.

Send a hand written letter

We are in an electronic world where we do everything online. But going old school once in a while can be a positive change, continuing on the DIY ideas. It is personal, different and you can really describe to the other person how they changed your life for the better. It is really romantic to get a hand written letter in your mailbox, so we definitely propose this idea.

Plan a surprise trip

Surprise your loved one with a surprise flight to them or plan a trip where you guys can meet together. Somewhere in between the places you both live and maybe discover a new city or country together. This will be a perfect way to bond even more and have a very special memory to cherish.

Postpone Valentine's day

Valentine's day is a great day but celebrating love can be done every day. So don't feel bad if you are not able to celebrate this day together. Plan your own “Valentine's day” on another day when you guys meet again for example. This way you guys can get some time together while doing everything other couples do on Valentine's day. Pro of this, everything is so busy on Valentine's day, celebrating it on another day gives you more options and better chances wherever you want to go to is available.

No matter what you decide to do, enjoy the day and try to look at it positively. You're better off focussing on the thing you can do instead of the thing you can't do. And after all, it is the thought behind the gesture that counts, especially when done by the person who loves you with all their being.

Happy Valentine's day!

With love,

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