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Jealousy in a relationship can always happen and within means, it is nothing to be worried about. Key is to resolve it before it grows out of proportion, as it can do horrendous damage to your relationship if it remains unchecked.

Understand where it comes from

First step is to understand why you are feeling jealous. Is it because you feel insecure about yourself? Is it because this reminds you of a previous relationship? Are you having a rough day or is it that you just don't trust your partner? It is important to get to the source of the problem as that is the only way to start resolving it and become less jealous.

Know yourself

It’s always good to know what your triggers are that will cause you to experience jealousy. Evaluate these triggers and find a way to manage your emotions when encountering one of them. Check if the reason is justly or that you are overreacting. By knowing yourself well you can avoid many situations that can cause you to feel unpleasant, especially if you talk about it with your partner.

Forget past relationships

A lot of us have had bad experiences in past relationships. Stepping in a new relationship with open eyes is key. It cost so much energy to walk around with this feeling of dread. On top of that, you are jeopardizing your newly found relationship with this behaviour. Give yourself time to heal and look for support if you think that you need it.

Work on trust

Work on trusting your partner! It is easier said then done at the start, but absolutely vital to the survival of your relationship. You can and should definitely be open about it, as it will give your partner an opportunity to show their faithfulness to you, which in return will alleviate the distrustful emotions you are harbouring.

Discuss it

Discuss the elephant in the room. Tell your partner what the things are that make you feel jealous. Most partners will be more than open to compromise and take it in consideration once aware of your emotions.

Jealousy doesn't need to be negative per se. In essence, it shows that you love your partner. However, letting it go out of control by acting irrationally and harmfully is detrimental to your relationship and can cause the break up if you’re not careful. The only way to work on jealousy is talking about your feelings and finding ways to minimize it.

Are you the jealous type?


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