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Congratulations you guys have made the decision to move in together! You have a place and you have discussed all the important aspects before making this big step. If you haven’t, you can read our blog about it: “Are we ready to move in together?”

Now off to the next step! Another point that many people don't think about is all the essentials needed when you move to a new place. This might be different if you find a move-in-ready place but if this is not the case, this list is for you.

• Bed and Mattress

• Refrigerator

• Freezer

• Stove

• Microwave

• Plates and cups

• Utensils

• Pots and pans

• Pillows

• Bed sheets

• Towels

• Coffee maker (if you drink coffee)

• Mirror (you don’t want to look crazy)

• Chairs or a sofa

• Broom or vacuum

• Can opener

• Scissors

• Garbage bags

• Hangers

• Tools (screwdriver, hammer etc.)

• Mop

• First aid kit

• Cleaning supplies

• Toilet paper

We hope this list helps you prepare for the essentials in your new home.

What are other must have items would you add?


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