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Over the years, I have heard many myths about long distance relationships and these didn't stop when I got into a long distance relationship myself. These are some of the myths we have heard or were said to us.

Long distance relationships never work

This is probably the most common one I have heard. It is also one of the first things negative people will tell you, but this is not true! We all realise it is not easy, but to say never is a stretch for sure! You could say we are proof that it can work out and we have spoken with so many others that used to be in long distance relationships and are still happily together after closing the distance.

When you close the distance, it all will be perfect

It's not! Closing the distance only brings the relationship to another stage. You will still have challenges. The only difference is that you are able to discuss and solve them in person. Yes, it is easier because you now have all the benefits of being close together, but you still have to maintain that level of honesty that you have done throughout the entire LDR. The biggest difference between an LDR and a regular relationship, aside from the physical aspect, is that things can be left unsaid and be covered up or distracted by other things, which is more difficult to do in an LDR. But don’t be fooled! Keep working together, stay open and honest, and get in the groove of being together now (possible living together), which does take some time to get used to, but all for the better.

The more you interact the better

It is important that you have some social and some individual time while being in a long distance. Communication is very important, but sometimes you have to give somebody some personal space, just like you would if you were with them in person. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just how some are wired. Nathan for example needs quite a bit of alone time, whereas Chery loves to be around other people. It is their way of recharging. Know your partner and find a sweet spot where both your needs are met with regards to the amount of interactions.

What are some myths you have heard?

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