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We did this amazing interview a while back on how we have managed our cultural difference as a multicultural couple. We thought it would be great to put this down in a blog. Check the interview where we spilled the tea on this.

Own your culture

First is to be truth to your own experiences and traditions. Talk about what the important aspects of your culture are and share these with your partner.

Learn and respect your partner’s traditions

ake the time to learn your partner’s culture and traditions.

Ask questions and take part of it

Yes, this takes a lot of effort to really understand but you will also learn so much of your partner’s identity. Talk about the differences between your cultures and how this reflects on your daily life.

Make a list of all traditions

For me this is the fun part! Make a list about all those important traditions of your culture and your partner’s culture and discuss how to include this in your life. The greatest thing of all is that now you’ve got double the amount of festivities to celebrate throughout the year!

Make a new tradition

I love holidays and how we combined all the important aspects of our traditions and made our own traditions out of that. I learned and enjoyed so many of my partner traditions that they became mine as well.

Being open and talk about your culture is important, as it is a crucial part of who you are. Something that grew with you throughout your childhood and shaped you to the person you are today. Be proud, happy and glad you get to share this with each other!

What is something about your partner’s culture that you love?

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