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The excited moment has finally come. You have waited for this for a long time. After meticulous planning and consideration, you have finally decided to meet your long distance lover! It is very exciting to have a date that you can look forward to, but the truth is, planning a trip can also come with stress if not organised properly. We may have touched on this subject before, but we wanted to say a few more things before calling it a day. There are a few things to consider while planning a trip to make sure it all goes smoothly and you will have the best time!


One of the most important things to consider is where you are staying during your trip. We do not really recommend back packing as it is not necessarily the safest in a country or region you are unfamiliar with. If your special one has their own place, this will be an easy one because you can just stay with them, granted that you have met them in person before. If your partner lives with his or her parents, you should always ask them for permission as well of course. If they will not allow you to stay at their place, you can always check if friends or family of your partner are willing to help out.

Hotels and Airbnb

Of course, in some cases it is better to take matters in your own hands and simply stay at a motel or hotel. There are multiple websites dedicated to this such as This way you will always have your personal space to fall back to if you need it. We strongly recommend getting a room through Airbnb though, as it is usually a lot cheaper than a hotel and in our opinion more fun. You can choose between a room, studio, condo or a complete house to rent, so there is something for everyone. Do keep a close eye on the location, as you want to stay in a safe neighbourhood.

Create a good budget

However, the amount of choice you are going to have strongly depends on your budget. The more you safe up for your trip, the better the accommodation will fit your needs. But it also extends to the amount of activities you can do while on your trip. How nice would it be if you could spend a lovely day together downtown and get a taste of all the local customs? Perhaps try some food at the local market or go out for dinner. Go to the different parks that are nearby. The point is you have to give yourself some room to truly experience what the place has to offer. Not only will it make your trip better overall, but it will allow you to get more familiar with your lovers’ culture.

Prepare for emergency

Then you have to be practical as well. Safe some money in case of an emergency so you can immediately take action. Travel insurance is highly recommended as well in case something happens. There are a few more things to take into account such as groceries, transportation and visa papers. The last one is very important, as most countries require you to apply for a tourist visa beforehand. If you do not have one upon arrival, you could be denied entry and will have to fly back to your country. Make sure you have all the proper documentation so that it will not spoil the fun. You can also discuss if you are planning to split the costs, as this might allow more frequent visits as the burden will be less per person. Overall, you just want to see your partner as often as you possibly can, right?

Planning all of this might seem overwhelming, but if you take it step by step it will work out just fine. Just start on time and make sure you have all the things you need before going, so that when you are there you can enjoy the moment instead of stressing out over things forgotten. We have added a checklist for you to print so that you can simply check off what you have done and not have to worry anymore! Some of these may not be mandatory, but go over them and see if it applies to your situation. It is simply to remind you, then you can make the determination whether it is applicable or not. Happy travels!

With love,


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