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Long distance couples have for sure a more challenging time to look for fun activities to do together. It’s important to still look for ways to make the relationship interesting for each other and have a good time. We wrote a few suggestions in our blog “Keeping the Sparkle”, but there are a few more that we would like to present to you.

Bucket list

Create a bucket list of things you would like to do and achieve together. This can be as simple as a picnic or as grand as a trip to Bali. Not only is it fun, but it will help looking forward to your future together. Make a separate short-term and long-term column to determine what you two are going to tackle first and what you are slowly getting to in the future.

Online quiz

Make an online quiz together and share the results. There are different types of quizzes, from the ones that help to get to know each other to what type of movie character you most resemble. Have a good laugh together or invest in getting to know each other better, either way it is a good and fun way to spend time together.

Play a game

There are so many websites where you can play games through the internet. There are even apps that allow you to nowadays. A simple Google search or scavenge through the Play Store will give you a ton of suggestions. If you two are more heavily involved in online gaming than this is probably a given already between you two. Steam is an excellent platform to buy games that you can play together and are often very fun.

Movie date

Watching a movie together can be a relaxing way to unwind together after a busy day. Everyone has had those days where you do not have a lot to discuss, or where you just had a difficult time and want to forget about it. Watching something together can simulate fairly well as if you are cozily sitting together on the bed while commenting and laughing about what you are watching.

Go for a walk

This will require a really good data plan! Go on a nice walk together while on video call. This will allow you to show your partner your neighbourhood, local hot spots, go-to place and friends before you have had a chance to show them in person. Not only is it fun to be able to talk to each other outside of the normal circumstances such as the computer in your room, but it will make you two a lot more involved. Next time whenever you are talking about hanging around with your friends, they will be able to picture it and ask relevant questions about it.

If you have any more fun ideas that you do with your partner, let us know. That way we can share the ideas with the rest of the ldr couples!

With love,


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