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We are currently 4 years engaged, but it feels like yesterday Nathan asked me to marry him. So much has happened since that we haven’t had the chance to plan our wedding. We are one of those couples. You might ask yourself: “What happened?” “Why haven't we tied the knot yet?” Frankly, we’ve had a couple of crazy years that we’ll get into another time.

Getting engaged and the years after

We got engaged in March of 2018 in Curaçao what was a very special and private moment. Unfortunately, later that year my mom passed away unexpectedly. If you have lost a parent in your 20’s you can imagine what that does with a person. On top of that, we had our immigration process to deal with which used up a large chunk of our time and energy alongside both of us having full time jobs.

Pandemic conversation

This brings us to July 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. We finally decided, now that the world is ending, maybe it's time to pick a date. We have officially picked a date and we are so excited to start planning and share the whole process with you!

Do you have any tips for us? What are some lovely ideas that can’t be omitted on a wedding? Let us know!

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