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Don't freak out, we probably will not die from the Coronavirus or the most scary name for it: COVID-19.

The new developments of the Coronavirus have made some changes in most of our lives; your school got closed, you are working from home or you are just avoiding people in general. All in all it has made us spend more time at home. We hope you are stocked on snacks, drinks and toilet paper, as we are going to help you find some activities to do at home by yourself or with your Boo (either in the same house or over the internet) while waiting for this coronapocalypse to blow over!

The best (and worst) about this situation is that you will be stuck. Which can be great if spend in the right way. You can spend enormous amounts of time with the one you love the most, and you can't make any more excuses for those long procrastinated tasks that are kept being pushed off. You can also pick up some good habits while you are at it.


Start with some exercises for example. We all need it whether it is 15 minutes or 1 hour so make sure to add it to your daily rhythm. This also helps you with your mood during these stressful times. Since your entire day is at your disposal you have the opportunity to check and see how this can be implemented in your life for long term benefits. This goes for any goals that require daily consistancy that you would like to procure.


Then we get to those dreaded house chores. We all have those tasks we always think about doing but never have the time to do. This is the best time to do it. This is where the no-more-excuses come into play. You're home, 24 hours a day if you practice complete isolation, so just do it. Organize your closet or do a spring cleaning, anything you've postponed. You'll thank me once it is all done and over.


Since you are done with all your chores now, you can spend more time with your significant other! Get out those good ol' fashioned board games and let the games begin. If your SO is not in the same house you can use Facetime, Skype, Zoom or whatever form of video call technology you want and it won't have to be an obstruction for this. Just move the pieces around for the other. If you are more into computer games that is a great choice too. Or watching a movie together. We've talked about these things before in other blogs, but the point is that you have a ton more time to spend now, especially if time difference is usually a constraining factor for those on the other side of the world. You might even want to use the time to get to know your SO's family better, as now you will have the ability to be in conversation with them without having to trade in precious quality time with your SO.

Catch up with you friends and family

Aside from your SO's family you should not forget your own! Now that you are stuck at home use the time to catch up with them. Like with your SO you can play games for quality time or simply chat, what matters is that you invest time in each other.


As a final note you can use this time to set your finances straight. Yes this could also fall under the "procrastinated chores" section, but it has a bigger influence on your life and most people struggle with it, so we wanted to mention it seperately. Start with making a budget, know where your money is coming from and going. Make a plan how you are going to save, pay your debts or invest in your future. Not only will it allow you to keep your head above water, but if you know what you are saving you can plan things like vacations to spend with your SO! This is one of the most asked questions we get: how do I save enough money for the next visit?! We will elaborate on this in the near future, but start with this just to get an idea of where to go to. If done right you can really start planning a future with your significant other.

That is it for now. We really hope we can turn this mess into something positive. Spend your "hibernation" wisely and keep your head high, we will get through this.

Let us know how you are coping with the Coronavirus!

With love,

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