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Being in a long distance relationship is hard. It takes more effort, love, patience, trust and communication than a usual relationship between people who live close by. Although most of time everyone talks about the negative aspects of an ldr, today we are going look at the benefits of it and celebrate them for a change!

Forced to Talk

When you are in a long distance relationship, you are pretty much forced to talk with each other because you are not psychically in the same place and the only form of communication is from calling each other. Now, “forced” may not sound so pleasant, but in this case it makes you two discover truly who you are in a fairly early stage of the relationship without the possibility of getting around it, purposely or not. People who are not in a long distance relationship can be more casual about it and do all kind of stuff together without having to really talk with each other. This can be fun, but dodging moments where your true emotions are shown and the possibility to resolve underlying problems can bite you in the long run. However, in an ldr you call or video call and what do you do primarily? TALK! How much talking there is in a relationship about topics you hold close to your heart can have a serious influence on the quality of the relationship, so this is for sure a plus point for people in an ldr!

Creativity is developed

Another plus for couples in an ldr is that they become creative in order to stay connected and spend time together while at a distance. Since we all want to experience that feeling of closeness we, sometimes desperately, try anything to achieve that. You read blogs like this one, try all the apps out there and try to find activities you can do together. A strong intrinsic drive keeps you on your toes just to get a taste of how it can be if you two were together in person. Because of this drive, you eventually run into fun activities that you would normally not think of. You learn to think outside the box, which is not only great for in the relationship, but can be helpful with other aspects of life as well.

That rush when seeing each other again

Ldr couples can stay months (or sometimes even years!) without having the opportunity for a visit, but every time you get to see each other again you feel extra excited. It’s like falling in love again and everything feels as new as it did when you met for the first time. Not many couples know how it feels to see your loved one again after such a prolonged period of absence. It usually gives your relationship a huge boost, especially as it also acts as a confirmation that even after so much time, you both are still eager in love.

Sex is awesome

This feeling of course translates to sex as well… and how! Lets be honest, the sex is mind blowing when you see each other again. All that energy that you have been holding back for months and months is finally released like fireworks. The best of all is that this will be on top of the feelings of love that you have for each other. In an ldr it is difficult to keep things going solely on lust and you will learn the difference between that and love. And sex while in love is even more appreciated than for simple lust.

You start to value the small things

You definitely learn to value and appreciate the time you get to spend with each other. The most simple things feel special because deep inside you know that it is not something you get to experience everyday. Starting your day waking up next to the person you love is something that is usually under appreciated, unless you know how it feels not to be able to. So when you are visiting each other everything is special. Also, when you are at a distance you appreciate any gesture your partner makes towards you because you are somewhat limited in the possibilities.

You show you can be your own person

Due to the distance, you will often find yourselves alone. Sharing your space with your partner is great, but if this is not possible you do learn to appreciate the fact that you have your own space and be alone. Many people do not share this appreciation or are afraid of being alone, so they will jump at the opportunity to be in a relationship, even with someone they are not fully content with. However, choosing to be with someone in an ldr is not the easy way out, and it shows that both of you are in it for real and not just for convenience. You not only show you are truly invested in the relationship, but you remain your own person, which is important and vital for a healthy continuation of your relationship and a mistake people often make.

You REALLY learn to trust the other

As a final benefit of going through the depths of an ldr is that ldr couples get to learn to trust each other at a completely new level. You are so far away from each other and you don't get to see what the other person is doing every day that there really is not much of a choice. You have to learn to trust each other without seeing or knowing, but after some time experience speaks for itself and it will let your trust grow exponentially. This in turn will create an extremely strong foundation for your relationship that you will benefit of for the rest of your life together.

With love,


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