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Everyone at some point might begin to question their long distance relationship. It's normal and it doesn’t only happen to long distance couples, but couples in general as well. If this is happening for you right now, here are a couple of ways to handle it.

Remember the why

First of all, remember why you are doing it. There is a reason why you guys are together. You'll likely have a main goal at end that you work towards. In these moments it's important to remember the 'why' of your relationship.

Your partner qualities

Your partner will certainly have some amazing qualities. After all, this is the reason why you fell in love in the first place! Hold on to these, remember and value the good aspects of your relationship. No relationship is perfect but if this person makes you feel valued you have a good reason to fight for the relationship.

Find out why the feeling

Try to find out why you are questioning your relationship. What is the thing that triggers you at the moment? Is it something specific that happened or maybe something your partner said? If you know the reason it will make it much easier to work on eliminating these feelings and get rid of any resentment.

Focus on something else

Put your focus on something else. Something positive, something that brings you joy. It costs so much energy to be walking around with negative emotions that in order to fully regain your strength you need to change it up.

Talk to your partner about these points. Be open and honest and it might bring you a relief. You guys can work together as a team to grow and overcome this bump in the road.



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